How to Advocate for Yourself Like a Lawyer

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I’m sharing the tools that will help you advocate for what you want and get it. Here’s what my client Rachel had to say about these tools:
"I”m so proud to say that with these tools I’ve advocated for myself and
got an offer from a tier 1 global strategy firm!"





I used to wonder why I never seemed to get the help I wanted and needed. I was working so hard, and had hit the end of my rope. But then I realized that I hadn't advocated for myself.

Five years ago everything changed. I was working full time as a trial attorney, and I was exhausted. I’d just finished one trial and had 5 more ahead of me. I was tired, scared and lonely. And I knew I wanted something different.

I sat in my car and I cried. “I need help. I need someone to help.” I wanted someone else to take over and get me what I wanted. I wanted someone else to advocate for me. But then I realized that the only person who would help, the only person who COULD help, was me. I had to start asking for what I wanted. You can’t advocate until you believe. I had to learn to believe in myself, and then I had to learn to advocate for myself.

For 20 years I was a trial attorney.

My job was to ask juries for what I wanted--a win/verdict for my client--and to get it. And I did, using the tools of an advocate. I've tried and won scores of trials, and have been consistently named one of the top 50 female trial attorneys in the state of Pennsylvania. I was good for asking on behalf of others. But I needed to learn to ask for myself.

I never knew how to advocate for myself and what I wanted. I wanted more money, more time, more help, more opportunities, stronger boundaries, and more respect. But I didn't ask.

Believe it or not, even after all of those wins in the courtroom, I didn't know how to advocate for myself. And then I had no choice. I was too stressed, too tired, too frustrated and too mad at myself for not asking. So I started to ask for what I wanted.

But here's the problem.

All that stress, exhaustion, frustration and anger came through . So things got worse. Not only was I not getting what I asked for, but people were getting upset with me for asking! I was not advocating for myself effectively. At all!

Then I realized two simple truths. 1-You can’t advocate until you believe. I had to believe in myself first. And 2-the tools that worked in the courtroom worked in life as well. So I had to use them. First I had to persuade my Inner Jury -- the part of me that decided what to believe and what to do. Then I had to persuade my Outer Jury -- coworkers, clients, team members and friends. If I could start persuading and influencing my juries outside the courtroom with the tools I used inside the courtroom, maybe I would start getting what I wanted.

And it worked! As soon as I started using the tools I'd honed advocating for my clients for 20 years and start advocating for myself, I began to win. I advocated for more time to write my book, and The Elegant Warrior is now an Amazon best seller. I advocated to get more television opportunities, and became an anchor at the Law and Crime Network. I advocated for better boundaries in my relationships, and am now in the healthiest relationships of my life.

More time, more money, more fun, more opportunities--I started getting everything I advocated for using these tools!



12 video lessons sharing the
10 tools of an advocate.
($3,497 value)


Detailed worksheets to apply the learning to your advocacy
($2,500 value)


Weekly coaching calls to dive deeper into each lesson. 
($10,000 value)


Private Facebook Group to receive support & feedback.

All of this equals a value of over $15,000!



Are you ready to believe in yourself and advocate
for everything you want?

My course helps you advocate for what you want, whether it's more support, respect, opportunity, or money, and get it. You'll have the tools to persuade your Inner Jury, the part of you that decides, to believe in all you could be

Then you'll use the same tools to persuade your Outer Jury of clients, customers, friends and family.

You will become your own best advocate.



  • You’re ready to ask for everything you want—and get it
  • You’re ready to achieve your highest potential
  • You want to build credibility with yourself and others
  • You want to be more confident and charismatic
  • You want to be a better communicator

"I cannot even express how much Heather has helped me. I know from personal experience that when I have a challenge I must walk through it. It’s only with Heather's guidance I’ve been able to self advocate so that a better version of me can come out. ...Never would this be possible had I not be so in touch with what Heather has been teaching me.  I have listened, read
nearly everything 2 or 3 times. I owe so many of the positive changes in
my life to Heather."

- Zena

"Heather’s guidance on questions and credibility have changed my career. As a young female in this industry (finance) building credibility is critical and Heather has helped me believe in myself and then help others to believe."

- Breana




Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast.

"I teach you to advocate!"

You are your own best advocate. No one can ask for what you want better than you can. You can use the tools of an advocate to get more money, more support, more respect and more opportunity. I’ll show you how.  I have a psychology degree, have spent twenty years as an award-winning trial attorney and I’m  a trained mediator. I’ve  appeared on NBC, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and Sirius Radio, and as an anchor at the Law and Crime Network.

I’ve given people the tools to advocate for their ideas in Kuwait, Ireland, Mexico and throughout the United States. But most importantly, every day I help my self advocacy coaching clients to ask for what they want and get it.  They learn how to persuade every “jury” they face, including their Inner Jury—the part of them that decides what to believe. They believe in themselves, and then they help others believe in them was well.  If you want to ask for what you want, and get it, you need to advocate. I teach you how.

Publishers Weekly calls my best selling book  “The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself”,  a “template to achieving personal and career success”. I’m also the host of The Elegant Warrior podcast where my guests and I share the tools to advocate, with elegance.



  • Advocate for more money, support, opportunity and respect and get it, over and over again
  • Overcome self doubt and believe in yourself, your abilities and how worthy you are of what you want
  • Gain the confidence to advocate for yourself using the tools of a trial attorney
  • Become persuasive enough to ask for what you want, and get it every time
  • Ask questions that build credibility and use evidence to win
  • Perfect your ability to use your own body language and energy while also reading others’
  • Use your experience, your talents and your passion to achieve your highest potential!

You Can Get Anything You Want By Using These 10 Simple Tools!

Over $15,000 Value!



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I know advocating works. If you take this course and you don’t feel like you’ve become a better advocate, you can get your money back. You just have to provide the completed worksheets within one week of the end of the course. 


"Heather helped me to collect evidence to build my confidence. Just by collecting all this information on the work I’ve done and the credentials I have made me able to build my confidence
to say “Well, I’ve done so much so I’m sure that I will be able
to do this too."

- Gina

"I heard Heather speak and I was nearly knocked out of my chair with how powerful and actionable her messages were. I was having a really hard time in my job and didn’t see a future for myself in that organization. Heather helped me to not melt down or run away from the situation. Instead, I dug my heel in and focused on advocating for myself. I was able to immediately use Heather’s tools about establishing credibility with myself, understanding other perspectives and use evidence to persuade. I was able to manage a heavy workload while I went through interviews because of the
way I advocated for myself. I”m so proud to say that with these
tools I’ve advocated for myself and got an offer from a tier 1
global strategy firm!"

- Rachel

"Heather has changed my life. I had a phobia of bridges, and  I avoided them for 27 years!!!! Now I go over them like nothing. That means I can work and see my family again. And she did it by giving me the tools to change my perspective and to change bridges from something scary to something comfortable or fun."

- Pat


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